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  About Sonicraft  

Sonicraft A2DX Lab was designed to meet a specific need in the professional audio community: to provide the ultimate in multitrack analog-to-digital transfers.

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The Sonicraft Team

Steve PuntolilloSonicraft president Steve Puntolillo is the owner and driving force behind the creation and evolution of Sonicraft A2DX Lab. For a quick one-page bio, click here. For Steve's informal bio in his own words, click here.

Innumerable hours of R&D and the help and guidance of more than a dozen industry experts has gone into the development of Sonicraft A2DX Lab. Click here for in-depth technical information including pictures and details on the equipment we use plus how we've restored, modified and evolved it.

Now, please meet our team.


Kevin PrzybylowskiKevin Przybylowski - Chief Transfer Engineer.

Kevin is expert in all aspects of digital audio engineering and analog tape machine setup and operation. From the lab's genesis, he has successfully transferred countless miles of analog tape into the digital domain to the consistent delight of our clients. He has a great ear and his attention to detail and superior organizational skills make him the ideal transfer engineer.



John ChesterJohn Chester - Chief Design and Maintenance Engineer.

John is an absolutely brilliant person seasoned by decades of practical audio design and repair experience and the kind of ear that can take over where the best test equipment leaves off. He started his audio career working as chief sound engineer at the famous Fillmore East and was on the technical staff at Woodstock. Since then his accomplishments are many including design of everything from sophisticated analog and digital circuits to software and computer networks. We are proud to have John consulting for us on a regular and ongoing basis.


Perry Polletta - Digital Audio Archivist. Perry is our resident digital audio workstation expert. He can be found hard at work, turning complex Pro Tools (and other) projects into safe and stable industry-standard archives that can be opened and played on any digital audio workstation.

Bob Ligotino - Literally thousands of squeaky clean connections, new capacitors and impeccable soldering points later, here we are. If not for Bob, we'd still be looking at a pile of parts. Other contributions include his tireless design work on our advanced tape cleaning machines and innumerable refinements to the lab in general. A true renaissance man, Bob is also an accomplished engineer and mixer in both the analog and digital domain and when engineering a transfer, draws from a deep practical knowledge of using and maintaining multitrack analog tape recorders.

Mike Harrison - Besides his singular talent as a voice actor, Mike has extensive training and experience in analog and digital engineering. He is on call for those times when additional manpower is needed.

Michael Barry - Marketing - Michael is the marketing director of Princeton Creative Marketing and an expert marketer with up-to-the-minute understanding of how to put together a marketing mix for today's world. Having run both an independent record label and his own recording studio, he has a deep background in the music and pro audio businesses and can fully appreciate what Sonicraft has to offer.

OTHER CONTRIBUTORS - (Alphabetical Order)

We're happy to credit the host of talented and dedicated individuals who are part of the team that built and maintains Sonicraft A2DX Lab.

Nejat Bakin - Audio Technologies - Nejat is an audio design guru with a line of world-class custom built tube gear. Since a machine's power supply is the foundation of how it sounds, to make sure it was done right, I asked Nejat to do all of the restoration on the power supplies and filtering in the A2DX MM1200s.

Carl Farruggia – Crimson Pro Audio - Carl is an ace at fixing equipment and worked his magic on several of the lab's restorations. He's not afraid to tackle anything.

John French - JRF Magnetics - John is primarily known for his outstanding ability to custom build, recondition and modify analog tape heads and assemblies. However, his contributions to the A2DX Lab extend far beyond this. We could never have built the lab without his experience, support, insight and generous outpouring of knowledge.

Philip Jost - Audio Technologies - Phil is a man with a passion for clean power and what that can do. Starting where the power enters the building, he went through the entire lab installing isolation transformers, line filters and upgrades to the AC wiring and connectors to make sure the power is clean. Sometimes he kept right on going all the way into a machine's power supply and beyond.

Jim Hildenberger - Analog Brothers - Jim did a meticulous job of restoring our classic Ampex 351 tube tape recorder. In doing so, Jim went the extra mile several times over and we are very grateful.

Michal Jurewicz - Mytek Digital - Michal designed and built all of our A2D and D2A converters. He personally modified our 24 track rack of A2D to give us mastering grade stepped gain and attenuation on each channel. We have learned a lot about the ins and outs of A2D and D2A conversion from this kind and brilliant man.

Bob Katz - Digital Domain - Bob has been incredibly generous with his vast knowledge of the practical considerations of ultra high-end analog and digital reproduction.

George Laforgia - Formerly Ampex Tech Support and Quantegy – Besides being a crackerjack troubleshooter for both transports and electronics, he's probably baked more tapes than anyone else in the world. George has been a wonderful teacher, tech mentor, and repair wizard.

Greg Orton - Flux Magnetics - Greg has designed and hand-crafted many of the incredible heads used in the lab. His work is impeccable. Greg has gone the extra mile, providing expert consultation and guidance on modifications and upgrades to erase, record and repro circuitry.

Paul Prestopino - Record Plant Remote - 'Presto' is a legend in the business and knows the MM1200 inside and out. He is best known for his technical work at the Record Plant and with Record Plant Remote. Paul provided indispensable guidance when we were first getting started by making sure we were pointed in the right direction.

Bill Schlegel - Bill is responsible for the truly wondrous rebuilding and updating of the MR70 transports used in the A2DX Lab.

Mike Spitz and Andrew Bingham - ATR Services Inc. - Mike and Andrew are the wizards who improved and rebuilt our original Ampex ATR102. Also, Mike was the first person we know of to ‘rollerize' the MM1200 tape path with the countless benefits that provides.

Bob Starr - RTZ Professional Audio - Besides providing expert advice on component selection for restoration work, Bob designed and hand-built the wonderful RTZ discrete Class A record and playback amplifiers used at the Sonicraft A2DX Lab.


Besides the contributors listed above, others who have helped us are perhaps countless, and we thank them all whether listed here or not. Here are just a few of them in alphabetical order:

Mark Berger - Dreamhire, Mike Bogen - Dale Pro Audio, Cary Cornett - Cornett Technical Services, Mark Donahue - Soundmirror, Jeff Gilman - MDA Precision Motor Works, Eric Haney - Future Electronics, Dana Hathaway - Access Audio Services, Richard Hess - Vignettes Media, John Klett - Tech Mecca, Inc., Bill Lund - formerly 3M, Dale Manquen, - formerly Ampex & 3M now MANCO, A T Michael MacDonald - AlgoRhythms NYC, Jay McKnight - formerly Ampex now Magnetic Reference Laboratory, Larry Miller - formerly Ampex, David Ollard, Andrew Roberts - Purple Audio Inc, Howard Sanner - Ampex Mailing List ... and a host of other incredible people met through the internet who generously shared their knowledge and sometimes dug up impossible to find parts. We wish we could list every one.

Tape machineClients and Credits

Sonicraft's Steve Puntolillo has mastered over 100 commercial CD projects for Warner Chappell Music, Mode Records, Koch Entertainment, and many others. He has, mixed and mastered several 5.1 surround projects for Mode, and mastered almost 60 Elektra music videos for broadcast on MTV and BET as well as distribution on VHS and DVD including projects for Metallica, Bjork, Missy Elliott, Staind, Third Eye Blind, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Smashmouth, Natalie Merchant and many others.

We have done work on projects for artists like Jimi Hedrix, Metallica, Bjork, The Grateful Dead, Missy Elliott, Lionel Hampton, John Cage, Hank Williams Jr., Killswitch Engaged, Michael Jackson, Staind, Third Eye Blind, Louis Armstrong, David Byrne, Nine Inch Nails, Janis Joplin, Mort Subotnick, Megadeth, The Cure, Smashmouth, Slipknot, Natalie Merchant, Harry Chapin, Frank Foster, Slipknot, The Chi-Lites, Brian Eno, Melissa Manchester and many more. For a more in-depth list of clients and credits, click here.

Testimonials and Client Feedback

Sonicraft A2DX Lab enjoys a passionately appreciative clientele of artists, songwriters, music content owners, music producers, recording engineers, mastering engineers, recording studio managers, artist foundations and record labels. We've also mastered almost 60 MTV / BET music videos and produced numerous commercial audio CDs and surround DVDs. Here is just some of what our clients have said about us.

"I've completed listening to all the files now and have to congratulate you on doing a superb job -- I know how badly damaged those tapes were and you were nothing short of a miracle worker in bringing them back to life."

-- Howard Massey, Producer, Engineer and Music Industry Author

"We couldn't find anyone east of the Rockies to save our irreplaceable, 12 year old tapes. We found out about Steve through a mutual friend and drove out to his studio in NJ. He's got every old format you can think of and each machine, no matter how old, looks like brand new out of the box. He did a superb job of getting the tracks to digital; all are clean and warm sounding. He obviously uses great converters and he's a stickler for detail. Just the kind of guy that you need to salvage your precious old tapes."

-- Jack Morer, Producer/ Composer/ Guitarist, Tall Stories

"I recently produced a retrospective disc for The Clarks. The material we picked spanned decades as well as every conceivable format, track layout and tape speed -- 2", 1", even ADAT. Some of the tapes were in pretty bad shape. I sent the lot out to Steve, fingers crossed. I received a handful of hi-res DVD-ROMs back. The transfers were perfect, even the old beat up tapes. This release wouldn't have come off as well as it did without Sonicraft. Thanks!"

-- Sean McDonald, Sofa King Music Services

"After finding and old 1 inch 8 track of a band I played in some 30 years ago, I wondered what or who could help me to retrieve the audio. It must have been fate because a few days later Steve called to ask if our studio ever needed transfers made. He informed me that they could handle any format and deliver the audio back to me in any format I wanted.

Long story short I sent him the tape and it was better than I remembered it being when I got it back. He did such a good job in fact that I was inspired to have a band reunion and we all got in the studio and re-mixed those songs and re-lived our youth. Thanks Steve I owe you one. "

-- Wes Henley, President, Highland House Productions Inc.

"I've sent several projects to Steve Puntolillo at Sonicraft in the past year. Every time he has delivered a top notch product. I will continue to send my business to Sonicraft, and anytime I get an inquiry about transfer service, no questions asked I'll recommend them. The turn around time is quick, and the sound quality second to none. It's nice in business to have absolute confidence in a service provider. I have that in Sonicraft."

-- Joe Viers, Chief Engineer/Studio Manager, John Schwab Recording

"I cannot recommend Steve and his company any higher. He recently transferred four (4) 1" inch reels of 16-track Ampex 456 for me for a client (rescued from the wrath of Katrina, as well). He's got an amazing setup, he and his staff are totally involved with the transfers and will give your stuff the TLC it deserves. They'll put it on DVD-ROMs or a hard drive, and you'll be all set to go. Much much better than if you attempted it yourself. They've got a killer baking system as well, for older "sticky" tapes. The ONLY place you should deal with is Sonicraft."

-- Joe Hannigan, Weston Sound

"My experience with Sonicraft has been absolutely fantastic. The results were more than I'd hoped for. The clarity was positively astonishing.

But, the most important thing about Sonicraft is that they care. This was the reason that Sonicraft was chosen over 3 or 4 other restoration houses. It was this care that resulted in great-sounding music that can now be heard again in startling fidelity for the first time in over 20 years."

-- Ed Smith, Webmaster,

"It sounds wonderful! I love the clarity! It's like being back in the room with the musicians. I heard things on those tapes I've never heard before."

-- Ron Jefferson, Noted jazz musician and bandleader

"Beautiful work, Steve! You are a master, my friend. The transfers sound truly incredible. Thank you very much. I am highly impressed and completely delighted with the results."

-- Ian Jones, Sun King Records

"I thought you might like to know that your transfers are so good sounding and highly detailed that they forced me to reevaluate my monitor placement! I felt I wasn't hearing all they had to offer, so yesterday I got some taller monitor stands to get them away from the desk. Now I can even visualize the rooms in which we did the original mix sessions - the sound is so transparent. Took me back for sure!  Definitely the best digital from analog I've ever heard, bar none."

"Got the transfer in the studio today.  SCORE!  My sound guy turned to me and said, 'This sounds way better than I was expecting.'  And he's handled his share of magnetic tape.  Thanks for wringing every last drop of sound off that reel."

"Just wanted to follow up on the transfer. In a word: FANTASTIC!!! What a wonderful, loving, careful job you've done on these gems. This transfer is nothing short of astounding. This was the only sane/smart way to go."

"I am totally blown away by the job that you guys have done. Not just the technical aspect but also by the professional way in which you went about things. Thank you very much!!"

"I am just utterly blown away by the magic you were able to perform on that tape and how good everything sounds. Thanks so much. It's just sensational."

"I can't thank you enough for what you've done, and for what you do. I can tell you have a passion for this, and that's when things really click and sizzle."

"Beautiful work, Steve! You are a master, my friend. The transfers sound truly incredible. Thank you very much. I am highly impressed and completely delighted with the results."

"I cannot WAIT until I put the mixes I'm doing up on the speakers for my client. He's going to be blown away - literally - when he hears these tracks! It's like you're THERE."

"It's a real pleasure to work with someone who conducts their business with a great deal of integrity and enthusiasm, and who clearly cares about their work and their customer."

"Great news on the completion of the transfers! We did a mixdown on one of the songs from the tapes you transferred and it sounds incredible!"

"The disc sounds GREAT! I'm very pleased with the results. I would recommend Sonicraft to anyone looking to transfer tape to digital."

"My client has already heard the first round of our new mixes - from the transfers you did - and he's blown away. So am I."

"Everything is perfect. I was surprised at how good they came out. The tracks were better than I remembered."

"I am impressed with the Dolby C NR -  Who would have thought that 1/2" tape could sound this good?"

"I got the 16 track discs today. One word: Spectacular! Two more words: Simply spectacular!"

"The transfers are stunning! Both tapes have come through beautifully. The 1/4" sounds better than ever and the 1" 8-track better than I expected. Mixing it now and I have nothing but the highest thanks."

"The client was THRILLED; overjoyed, even! He was absolutely floored to hear what was on those tapes, especially after all this time."

"The 96KHz transfer sounds great. I clearly heard a difference, particularly in the drums. They were noticeably more resonant. Again, I thank you for doing such a great job."

"I've had a chance to listen in depth, and it's just gorgeous. As far as I can tell, it's perfect. Thanks so much for your good work!"

"I just was listening to song after song and was amazed by the clarity of it. It's like looking through a window to the past."

"Thanks again for the great job baking those tapes and transferring them for me. It was well worth it."

"The transfer sounds great. I give you high regards and we will recommend your services."

“Huzzah! And I'll be Gol danged! Such service is incredibubbuble and much appreciated.”

"Received the transfers today, and am blown away by the job you did! I am amazed."

"Your work and customer service are excellent. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!"

"Thank you for doing such a great job! It makes mixing so much more fun!"

"Everything appears to sound fantastic. Way better than I remember."

"I'm very happy to report that the transfers sound wonderful."

"You guys really understand the value of customer service."

"I've started working with the tracks. They sound great."

"I'm thrilled with the transfer. I'm so glad I found you."

"Thanks again for your help in "rescuing" this music."

"You do EXCELLENT work. Thanks so much!"

"The transfer was clean. Pristine, in fact."

"The transfers are perfect. Thanks!"

"Holy crap. This sounds amazing!"

"The transfers are amazing."

"Everything sounds great!"

"I could hear the walls!"

"The tracks are great."

"You kick ASS!"

"Bravo! Bravo!!"



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